Inhalt: FIGURA for all

FIGURA strives to offer the widest possible range of programmes for a diverse audience. We believe access to performances should be made possible or eased for people with disabilities. So, throughout our programme, you’ll find inclusive productions and measures marked with the following special symbols.

Link zu den Vorstellungen ohne akustische Signale verständlich
Comprehensible without acoustic cues
Link zu den Vorstellungen mit Übertitelung
Link zu den Vorstellungen mit Übersetzung in Gebärdensprache
Translated into sign language
Link zu den Vorstellungen teilweise rollstuhlgängig (ohne Toiletten/Barzugang)
Partially wheelchair-accessible (no access to toilets/bar)
Link zu den Vorstellungen ganze Spielstätte rollstuhlgängig
Complete venue wheelchair-accessible


Persons accompanying people with a disability to a performance receive a free ticket. Both tickets can be reserved by writing to at least one day before the performance.

Service companions

Persons who are dependent on a companion can request one up to 24 hours before the desired performance by writing to