The Figura Theatre Festival lets you choose the price of tickets yourself from six available rates. This new pricing model is based on trust and solidarity: Choosing a higher ticket rate, if you can afford it, allows others to pay less – and gives a larger number of people the chance to experience theatre!

For guidance, please see our recommended price, which is in line with the cost of FIGURA.

The following prices are available when purchasing tickets:

Price Category
CHF 18.00 Vorhang auf!
CHF 25.00 Bravo!
CHF 30.00 Applaus!
CHF 35.00 Zugabe!
CHF 40.00 Standing Ovation!
CHF 45.00 Wow!

For the performances of Puppets 4.0, Dear Laila and Madame Rita there is a standard price of CHF 10.00

Assistants: Persons accompanying people with a disability to a performance receive a free ticket. Both tickets can be reserved by calling +41 (0)56 221 75 85 up to 24 hours before the performance. Reservations for schools or for people in wheelchairs: +41 (0)56 221 75 85 or

Advance ticket sales

Tickets available at as well as via the Ticketpark ticket hotline 0900 320 320 (CHF 1.00/min.)

Tickets all Events

Advance sales at Info Baden Tourist Office, Bahnhofplatz 1,
Opening hours: Mon 13:30–17:30, Tue-Fri 10:00–12:30 /13:30–17:30, Sat 10:00–14:00

and during the festival week at the Figura office at  ThiK Theater im Kornhaus, Kronengasse 10, opening hours: Tue 18.6. to Fri 21.6. 11:00–18:30, Sat 22.6. 10:00–17:00, Sun 12:00–14:00

Tickets are available up to 30 minutes before the respective performance starts.


The ticket entitles the holder to free 2nd class travel on public transport during the day of the event (starting two hours before the performance until transport operating hours end), valid in the A-Welle zones 560, 562, 565, 570, 571 and 572. (2.) (SPEC.) (V).

The zone plan can be found at