Le Petit Théâtre du Bout du Monde Opus ll

Swiss premiere Figura Famiglia Comprehensible without acoustic cues Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
18. June 2024, 17.00
18. June 2024, 21.00

Duration 55 minutes
for all ages 9 and up
without words

recommended price CHF 35

there are only a few seats available

Théâtre de la Massue (FR)

You’re invited to move around freely among the bizarre creatures, that seem strangely like us, wandering about in search of a better life in this impressive desert-like installation.

Concept, direction, stage design: Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu / Dramaturgy: Laurent Caillon / Composition: René Koering / Sound: Stéphane Morisse / Direction, machinery manipulation: Thierry Hett / Puppetry: Iroslav Petkov, Issam Kaddichi, Inbal Yomtovian, Alicia Malialin / Production management: Théodore Vodenitcharov