Between Person & Thing

The own body as object - the object as counterpart
Partially wheelchair-accessible
25. June 2022, 10 bis 14.30 Uhr (inkl. kurze Mittagspause)
Tumbler in der Stanzerei

The workshop is limited to 16 participants. Registrations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. German/English

CHF 90

Workshop for professional theater makers with Florian Feisel (DE)

Professional workshop

Who plays with whom? Taking the relationship between our body and objects as the starting point for our exploration, we’ll venture from unshaped material to actual puppets and the phenomena of figures that only come alive in our heads. Dealing with material things can literally seduce us onto new paths and ideas we weren’t initially expecting. What’s more, when we treat objects as creative partners, they become our counterparts. And we ourselves become unfamiliar objects in need of discovery.

So just how much of a thing are we?

A search for unsettling and disorienting moments and the disruptive potential of puppet theatre.

Please bring:

  • yourself in comfortable clothes
  • an object bigger than a melon and smaller than a car (it can also be a puppet or a part of it)


Info & Application (.pdf)