Figura Famiglia Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
25. June 2022, 21.00
Kulturhaus Royal

Duration 50 minutes
A scary theater for all fearless people from 7 years onwards

CHF 25/20/15

Followed by bar and 80ies music with DJ Die Plattenleger

Dani Mangisch / Mangisch Produktion (CH)

Acting: Dani Mangisch / Direction: Dirk Vittinghoff / Puppets, stage, costume: Sibylla Walpen / Puppet construction assistance: Myriam Casanova / Cultural mediation: Barbara Terpoorten

Based on a story by Bertrand Santini

Yark is a terrible monster that likes to eat little children. But the naughty ones make him sick. A wild ride with captivating performances, dialects, puppetry and objects.