Swiss premiere Figura Famiglia
26. June 2022, 16.00
Figurentheater Wettingen

Duration 40 minutes
for all from 6 years

CHF 25/20/15

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor (SVN)

Direction, visual design: Matteo Spiazzi / Acting: Miha Bezeljak / Voice consulting: Metka Damjan / Costumes: Mojca Bernjak / Puppet and stage stage construction: Primož Mihevc / Puppet painting: Darka Erdelji / Lighting: Miljenko Knezoci

Based on the book by Carlo Collodi.

In this unusual adaptation of “Pinocchio”, we go back to the beginning, where unfinished pieces of wood and carpenter tools come to life on the workbench to create a unique world of their own.