O jako Otesánek – O as little Otik

Swiss premiere Figura Famiglia Grünschnabel (“Greenhorn”) Prize Comprehensible without acoustic cues
24. June 2022, 21.00
25. June 2022, 14.00
25. June 2022, 17.00
Teatro Palino

Duration 40 minutes
for 30 people
for all from 8 years
without words

CHF 25/20/15

TMEL / Drama Label (CZE)

Direction: Viktor Prokop / Stage design: Berta Doubková / Dramaturgy, music: Jan Froněk / Performers: Antonie Rašilovová, Jakub Müller, Nikolas Ferenc

Using unusual materials like circuit boards and old electronic components, this young collective from Prague opens up entirely new ways of interpreting a famous Czech fairy tale.