Moby Dick

Audio description available or comprehensible without visual cues Surtitles Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
21. June 2022, 19.30 (mit Festivaleröffnung)
Kurtheater Baden

Duration 85 minutes (115 minutes with festival opening)
from 14 years
German surtitles
Audio description

19.00 Tactile backstage Guided tour. Registration:

CHF 45/40/35

Compagnie Plexus Polaire (FR/NO)

Direction: Yngvild Aspeli / Acting: Viktor Lulawski, Julian Spooner, Madeleine Barosen Herholdt, Daniel Collados, Andreu Martinez Costa, Maja Kunsic, Sarah Lascar / Live music: Lou Renaud-Bailly, Georgia Wartel Collins, Havard Skaset / Subject to changes in the cast

Literature’s beast of a book becomes a journey of mystery and wonder in this internationally acclaimed production, with seven actors, fifty puppets, video projections, live music and a whale-sized whale.