Human Body Parts

Swiss premiere Figura Famiglia Figura Fuori Comprehensible without acoustic cues Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
18. June 2022, 09.00
18. June 2022, 11.00
18. June 2022, 14.00
22. June 2022, 12.30
22. June 2022, 16.30
22. June 2022, 18.00
Weite Gasse, Schlossbergplatz, Badstrasse

Duration 20 minutes
for all
without words

Snuff Puppets (AUS)

A disembodied eye, ear, mouth, nose, hand and foot sweep up everything in their wake. A playful exploration of the human form, the giant “Human Body Parts” is a largescale, interactive roaming work that creates surreal and mesmerising interventions in everyday life.