Goodbye Mister Muffin

Swiss premiere Figura Famiglia Translated into sign language Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
22. June 2022, 10.00 (Performance for school classes)
22. June 2022, 15.00
Saal Roter Turm

Duration 45 minutes
for all from 7 years
Sign language at 15.00

CHF 25/20/15

Teater Refleksion & Teatret De Røde Heste (DK)

Acting: Claus Mandøe, Else Anker-Møller / Realization: Claus Mandøe, based on a book by Ulf Nilsson / Direction: Bjarne Sandborg / Puppets, stage: Mariann Aagaard, Sille Heltoft (assistance) / Music: Else Anker-Møller / Light: Jesper Hasseltoft / Technique: Steen Molls Rasmussen

Warmhearted, generous, entertaining – and backed with live music – “Goodbye Mr. Muffin” tells the heartbreaking story of the last days in the life of a beloved guinea pig and the emotions that arise when a pet passes away.