Ein Schaf fürs Leben

Figura Famiglia Partially wheelchair-accessible
26. June 2022, 14.00
ThiK Theater im Kornhaus

Duration 50 minutes
for all from 5 years

CHF 25/20/15

Figurentheater Hand im Glück (CH)

Acting: Madlen Arnold, Maurice Berthele, Benno Muheim / Production: Jürg Schneckenburger / Images: Karin Bucher / Figure construction: Anna Nauer / Costumes: Olivia Grandy / Collaboration lighting design: Michael Murr / Consulting video technology: Roger Staub / Graphics: Manu Beffa

When a starving wolf meets a hungry-for-life sheep in a warm fold, an impossible friendship begins. With puppets, sounds and live projections, three actors create a fascinating, multilayered world of imagery.