Figura Famiglia Comprehensible without acoustic cues Complete venue wheelchair-accessible
26. June 2022, 10.00
Bauernhaus Turgi

Duration 30 minutes
from 2 years
without words

CHF 20/15/10

Lowtech Magic (CH)

Dance: Cornelia Hanselmann / Live music, composition: Christoph Scherbaum / Choreography: Dafni Stefanou, Cornelia Hanselmann / Scenography: Linda Rothenbühler / Eye from outside: Emily Magorrian / Lighting design, technique: Nik Friedli / Technique tour: Matteo Baldi / Collaboration piece development: Margarita Kennedy, Hannah Berner

From waking up to falling asleep: With material, sounds and movement, one dancer and one musician unfold an account of becoming and growing, of exploring worlds and forming new ones.